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To help me and my teenage daughter succeed in losing weight, I think “balance” and “persistency” are the two keys.

To lose weight, we had tried many different methods like on diet, exercises – in short those common ways that everybody would use. However we were failed with all those attempts.

We were succeeded to lose weight after we have followed a weight control program. And we have learned that to lose weight is not as hard as most people thought. The keys are to eat balanced food and persist this practice. Effect will be achieved sooner or later so long as we don’t give up. Most people found them failed losing weight because they gave up too early with each method.

Frankly speaking, there is really no secret to lose weight. Eat properly and do proper exercise are the keys to lose weight and also are the keys to maintain what you have gained thereafter.

Most people put off themselve too soon when they see the word “exercise”. Indeed, according to our weight loss experience, exercise is not a must but it is a better element if you wish to achieve a better result.

The program we used works in this way:

We were first told to choose a set of our favourite foods from a big list of foods it showed. These food covering both meat and vegetable – our basic food components anyway, right?

Based on our choices, the program generated a set of menus and we would follow to eat in the coming two weeks.

“Eat and enjoy” were the two key points we need to bear in mind, the program told.

Obviously, the program used our choices to calculate all the calories we need for our everyday use – never think that you don’t need to eat any calories even when you are to lose weight!

After the calculation, in each day’s menu, we need to eat 4 meals (not 3!). However we were allowed to eat in any order for these four menus as long as we must eat 4 times a day! Even good, within each menu, we could choose to eat any suggested food and in any portion but we had to stop eating when we started to feeling full. This sounded simple enough for us to follow and we found it fun to eat in such way.

After two weeks of eating with the suggested menus, we came to a stage of what the program called a “cheat-day period”. In these 3-day cheat period, we were allowed to eat any food we wish (no more suggested menus from the program) even junk food!

According to the program’s explanation, our “messy eating” were to cheat our body’s metabolism process. Here we need to understand that our metabolism would act according to how we have been eating fat and how we start to eating slim…etc.

So, after these 3 cheat day period, we ate again with another set of menus and thus the program could regulate again our metabolism rate back to a normal level. The effect in turn boosts up our weight loss speed!

By eating in such ways, we found we had really gained the weight loss effect! More importantly, we didn’t find any adnormal happenings within our body whereas we felt even better before we used this program! I don’t know how to describe it but it was our feeling. Most obvious was, we used to find tiring quite easy, but now, with proper eating, we found we were much energetic!

Over the course of following this program, we found the program has helped us change our eating habit somehow. This change caused a change to our living style as well. All in all, the changes are good to us and we now enjoy eating even more than before.

Here is the program that helped us succeed in losing weight. Do feel free to take a look at it if you found you are still failed with many other ways and you really wish to see your weight loss effect. It will guide you how to do it. 🙂

To recap, balanced food is simple enough to help you lose weight. And “persistency” is also important. Really!

Enjoy eating.


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