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Well, what do I mean with this?

This actually means:

If you drink enough water everyday, then you will NOT have any water weight problem. It sounds somehow ridiculous but it is true and proved.

The reason behind is actually quite simple:

If you drink enough water, the water will help you boost your metabolism rate and in turn this effect will minimize your chance of becoming overweight.

However, if you frequently do not drink enough water, your body “knows” your “bad habit” and it would start to “save” the water in your body whenever you drink in next time. Consequently, you will have the so-called “water weight” problem and that would in turn cause you an overweight problem.

So, if you don’t want any water weight problem, quite simple, drink more and enough water – but like eating foods, never overdrink water as well.

Bear in mind that, always drink and eat properly and you will have good health and fit. 🙂


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